Bath Toy Organizer

Parents: Keep your bathtub organized and tidy with the Luna Bath Toy Organizer!

Unlike awkward nets with flimsy suction cups or clumsy scoops, the Luna Bath Tub Organizer will adjust to your bathtub and make cleanup time a breeze!

Don't worry about suction cups falling off or getting out of place. The basket fits easily across your bathtub and your children will love the easy access to their toys. Parents will love the easy clean up when you slide the Luna Bath Toy Organizer to the side at the end of the bat.

Make bath time an organized and fun event!
Strong, adjustable, and sturdy
Even when fully extended, remains super strong
Children love the easy access to their toys
  • Sturdy and adjustable to fit nicely across the bath tub or corner
  • Children can reach toys and easily clean up when bath time is over
  • High Quality and not flimsy like many nets with suction cups or other products
  • Keep your bath tub tidy and toys organized
  • Basket is deep, sturdy, and extendable. Remains strong when extended.

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